Logan Lawrence final

Cool stuff I say I guess

So I don't really know what to put here, Endgame was pretty neat. I'm not gonna spoil anything cause I'm not a giant turd. So uh, I dunno, I like playing the piano and video games. I totally procrastinated the hell out of this. So here's to a barely passing grade. Anyway, the rest of this page is useless filler.

Noobmaster, hey it’s Thor again. You know, the god of thunder? Listen buddy, if you don’t log off this game immediately I will fly over to your house, and come down to that basement you’re hiding in and rip off your arms and shove them up your butt! Oh, that’s right, yea just go cry to your father you little weasel.

I thought I had it all together But I was led astray The day you walked away You were the clock That was ticking in my heart Changed my state of mind But love’s so hard to find Your feelings change like the weather Went from clear to grey On that cloudy day How can I go on With that bomb in the palm Love’s so hard to find When someone’s on your mind Listen baby Your wish is my command Baby won’t you understand That your wish is my command What can I do to make My baby understand Something tells me that I'm dreamin' I can see us there Waving unaware Of problems that have a tendency to keep Keep the truth confined Far from our minds You need someone you can believe in This I do declare Trust me I'll be there The road that leads to heaven can be so steep I will…